Professional Property Letting

Our aim when delivering this service is to give you the exact level of involvement with your property that you want, this can be as much, or as little, as you wish. We have now gathered 28 years worth of experience of letting property in Bristol. Our primary markets are Clifton, Cotham, Redland, Kingsdown, Southville, Bedminster, Harbourside and their surrounding areas. However we will take on any property that we feel we can let to our clients satisfaction.

Upon receipt of your instruction to us to let your property we will instruct an EPC if required and ask for any special conditions you may have, that need to be written into the Tenancy Agreement. All viewings are undertaken by ourselves, 24 hours notice is given to the current tenant if applicable. Once prospective tenants are found, they are credit checked and referenced to a high standard. We will draw up the legal documents including the Tenancy Agreement, the Inventory and the Notice to Terminate. We recommend Photographic Inventories be prepared prior to any tenancy, to avoid disputes over deposit charges.

We notify the council tax and water authorities of the new Tenancy, and ensure the Tenant notifies the utility suppliers. Unless you have instructed us to manage the property, the file is then handed to you for the duration of the Tenancy, we are always available however should you require advice or support.

The team at Absolute Property specialise in professional property management as well as offering Landlords a comprehensive letting service to ensure peace of mind when letting their home or investment.

If you are considering letting your property, we can arrange for a ‘no obligation’ market appraisal whereby we will:

  • Meet with you at your property to discuss the letting process
  • Provide a genuine valuation of the property’s current market value
  • Suggest ways in which you can maximise the achievable rent
  • Suggest how to leave and equip the property
  • Offer advice on the legal and tax implications of residential letting

This package is for the Landlord wishing to retain overall management of the property once the complexities of setting up the Tenancy have been completed.  We will:

  • Advertise and circulate property details to prospective tenants including leading businesses, institutions and other letting agencies with whom we have a good working relationship.  We also maintain a large register of applicants.
  • Accompany all viewings at a time convenient to the current occupier of the property.
  • Undertake careful interviewing of prospective tenants.  Due to the daily demand we have for quality accommodation, we are able to be very selective in our choice of tenants.  We do our utmost to research and assess the prospective tenant’s background to judge their suitability for a particular property by taking up references and credit checks.
  • Negotiate all terms and conditions of the proposed tenancy, prepare and issue the appropriate Tenancy Agreement and legal Notices.
  • Collect the first month’s rent in advance and a deposit (equivalent to one months rent plus £100) and arrange for both to be paid (after agency fee etc) into your UK bank account.  The deposit is then held against dilapidation until the final Inventory check, after all obligations due from the tenant under the Tenancy Agreement have been fulfilled.  If instructed we will register your deposit with ‘mydeposits’.
  • Set up Standing Orders for future rental payments.
  • Issue and check through the Inventory (if applicable), and obtain the Tenant’s signature accordingly.
  • Ensure the Tenant’s read the gas and electricity meters and notify the suppliers accordingly (Notification of British Telecom and Cable remains the responsibility of the Line User).
  • Advise the Council Tax officer and water authorities of the new tenants and the tenancy commencement date.
  • Register Tenant Deposits.

This is a popular service as it releases the Landlord from the day-to-day running of their home or investment property.

This includes all items listed under Property Letting.  In addition we will do the following:

Arrange for the collection of rent.  Rents are then transferred monthly to the Landlord’s account.  A monthly property statement is issued to the Landlord including all in/outgoings.

  • Hold the tenant’s deposit against damage and dilapidation in our client account, the deposits are registered with ‘mydeposits’.
  • Arrange for Electrical Safety Testing, Gas Safety Testing, smoke alarm checks and for the Furniture (if applicable) to be safety tested and for the issue of the Compliance Certificate to be held on file.
  • Undertake property inspections every three months to ensure the property is being maintained to the correct standard.  Should a problem arise we will endeavour to inform you or arrange for repairs to be carried out.  (It must be understood that routine inspections can only provide a superficial examination and are not intended to be a structural survey or inventory check).
  • Deal with queries in respect of the property and arrange for maintenance problems to be resolved.  We use local tradesmen known to us unless the Landlord specifies a particular individual/firm that they wish to be instructed.
  • Make payments for other items relating to the property as requested by the Landlord and written in the Second Schedule of the Management Agreement.  The Agent will normally pay these amounts from rental monies collected.
  • Contact both the current tenants and the Landlord near the fourth month of the tenancy to determine whether they wish to continue renting/letting beyond the initial term.  We can then arrange for a Memorandum of Agreement to be drawn up.  If a current tenant does not wish to stay beyond the initial term, then we will arrange for the re-marketing to take place.
  • On termination of the tenancy, we will carry out a full inventory check and prepare a schedule of dilapidation.  We will negotiate and agree dilapidations (where applicable) on your behalf and make the appropriate deductions from the tenant’s deposit, ensuring that the property is suitable for re-letting or Landlord’s reoccupation.  We will undertake any deposit dispute negotiations.
  • If necessary, arrange for cleaning and for the replacement of missing items.
  • On managed properties, any arrears or breaches of covenant are immediately reported to the Landlord by the Agent.  Should it be deemed necessary to take legal action the Landlord would be responsible for instructing their own solicitor and for their fees and charges incurred thereof.

If we are managing the property, we will require a full set of keys to retain in addition to the tenant’s keys.  We will also require a copy of the house instructions.

As you may know, from 6th April 2007 all deposits taken by Landlords in relation to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement must be registered with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme within 30 days of the tenancy commencement date.

Absolute register all tenants deposits with My Deposits, please follow the link:

By law, we require an EPC certificate prior to marketing your property. We are happy to organise this on your behalf (the cost of which is listed in our fee structure), or alternatively if you already have one please forward it to us along with your Letting/Management Agreement.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) contain information on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well providing ratings that compare the current energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions with figures that your home could achieve. Potential figures are calculated by estimating what the energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions would be if energy saving measures were put in place. All homes bought, sold or rented require an EPC and they are valid for 10 years.

The efficiency rating of your home is displayed using a grade from A to G, ‘A’ being the most efficient, while ‘G’ being the least efficient. The average efficiency grade to date is ‘D’. All homes are measured using the same calculations, so you can easily and fairly compare the energy efficiency of different properties.

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